Real Results


Purpose Posse members get results. Hear first hand from partipcants in the following testimonials.


“For the last 12 years I have wanted to take my career in a fresh direction.  I have held back from making those changes because of fear of the unknown; time commitment, cost, insecurities of being unsuccessful, etc.  As my kids became teenagers, I realized my daily schedule had opened up to a point that I could take the plunge, but I was still hesitant.  The Purpose Posse came along at just the right time.  With the support of the rest of the members of my PP group, I was able to talk through my fears in a non-judgmental atmosphere. They helped me set goals to accomplish by the next meeting and held me accountable to meet my goals.  I feel like they are my cheerleaders cheering me on to continue with what I have set out to do.  With the encouragement of my Purpose Posse I’ve become licensed and am stepping onto a new path that I have dreamed about for years.”

— Shelly Hemingson, Austin, TX

lori11_b“I joined Kavita’s Purpose Posse with professional growth goals in mind. And although I made great strides in that arena thanks to the accountability and validation that Kavita and the group provided, I received even more than I had anticipated. I was able to cultivate an intimate relationship with a group of dynamic, wonderful women. We cried together, we laughed together, and most of all we listened deeply to one another as we shared our goals and struggles. Roadblocks were easily shifted and resolved in this forum of supportive women through exercises that illuminated a deeper understanding of who we are and how that affects how we approach others and our lives in general. We also had group brainstorming opportunities, which led to creative resolutions and new ideas for our members. Finally, we held each other accountable to ensure we were taking specific steps toward our goals. I cannot emphasize enough the value and power of this kind of creative synergy and accountability.

If you have a desire to enrich your life, Kavita’s Purpose Posse is a great way to manifest the changes you would like to make in your life, health, and career!”

 — Lori Fitzgerald, Austin, TX


“My experience in participating in the Purpose Posse has been extraordinary.  Prior to joining the group, I played around pursuing different business ideas, but I didn’t have clarity and found it difficult to commit to one.  It was very soon after our initial Purpose Posse meetings that I realized that I wanted to pursue something related to the health awareness and whole foods.  Through the process of participating in this group, I gained the self-confidence and courage to go out of my comfort zone and become a Health Coach.  I have enrolled in a program to be certified and am now meeting with prospective clients as well as planning my business.  The excitement that I feel continues to grow as I get closer to graduation.  I don’t think I would have gotten here on my own; the support and encouragement of the group has been amazing.”

— Sara Tasch, Austin, TX


“I joined Purpose Posse in hopes of finally achieving a life long dream to become a published author. When I joined the group, as an introvert by nature, I was skeptical with how comfortable I would be in a group setting. I chose to give it a shot as I knew I really needed a push towards my goal. I am now a third of the way through my first book and have created The Water Sentinels book series website. I’ve also shared the first 3 chapters with elementary students in the Austin area through author visits to their schools (which is a pretty big deal for an introvert). But the topper to the whole thing is the amazing network of new friends that came with the Purpose Posse program and the additional sense of accomplishment in having the opportunity to help them find and/or achieve their passions. I highly recommend anyone ready for a change and personal growth to join the Posse. Where else can you not only gain a coach, but also a cheerleading squad and rewarding relationships that have the potential to last a life-time?

— Kiffin Potts-Brown, Austin, TX